These are unprecedented times for our community, and with that come many new needs for our school. The Green Trails PTO is working diligently to support our community during this extremely different school year. PTO has already worked on a number of projects to support students, parents, and teachers for virtual and in-person learning, including: 

  • Back to school gifts for teachers including funds for classroom supplies, COVID goodie bags including masks, hand sanitizer, etc. 

  • Welcome Jr. Gators supplies for new Kindergartners

  • Sketchbooks for all students for use in Art

  • Help with dry erase boards and markers for visual learning

  • New lamination machine for the school so teachers could create wipeable worksheets for students to use at home

  • New marquee for the front of the school

  • Purchased a set of new picnic tables to allow a classroom to participate in outdoor learning

  • Organized community events such as Scavenger Hunt and "Gator Run" Parade

We have more to come! PTO wants to continue to do whatever we can to support our Green Trails community. All of these projects are made possible through our fundraising and our Green Envelope Campaign is one of our biggest fundraisers of the school year. Though we realize not everyone is able to donate this year, we ask if you are able and would like to support additional projects for our school, please consider a donation to our Green Envelope Campaign. 

Your donation is tax-deductible and can be made via check or PayPal Giving fund where ther are no additional fees.