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The PTO started Appreciate-a-Gator several years ago to offer a fun way for families to show appreciation for all the hard work the Green Trails teachers and staff do each and every day. Teaching is one of the most demanding professions in the U.S., and a recent study from the University of Missouri found that more than 90% of elementary teachers reported experiencing a high level of stress. The good news is--a little appreciation can go a long way to helping create happier, more connected environments for students to learn.

How It Works

The PTO asks every teacher, administrative professional and staff member to fill out an interest inventory, asking about their tastes, preferences and favorite things--from food to sports teams and even office supplies. Then, in September, we invite caregivers to sign up to "adopt" a staff member for the year. This is a commitment to provide some type of "treat" once a month as a small token of appreciation. These gifts are sent to school on Late Start days and some months there will be a theme--so one month might be to bring your Gator's favorite snack and beverage, while another month might be a flower in their favorite color. Not all the months will have themes. The fun part is...your family's identity will be kept a secret from the staff members until Teacher Appreciation Week in May!

A few things to keep in mind...

1. The treats don’t have to be expensive! This is supposed to be something small to show appreciation.

2. Remember, there are LOTS of awesome staff to appreciate including many “behind the scenes” staff. Please keep them in mind when selecting your staff online.

3. Don’t forget to securely attach a label to the treats sent in. They will be distributed by student leaders.

4. Feel free to include a handwritten note with your treat. Example: Thanks for everything you do! You are much appreciated!! From, Your Appreciate-A-Gator Family

5. Reminders will go out before each treat day so participants remember to bring their item(s) to school.

Appreciate-a-Gator treats are collected on Late Start mornings.

Be on the lookout for a sign-up link available on September 15!


Please reach out to either of the leads for this year's Appreciate-a-Gator program:

Karen McBride:

Jen Rosenblum:

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