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Box Tops for Education Goes Digital

This year, the Box Tops for Education program is going digital! You can still clip your old Box Tops from the package and return them to school. However, many products will include the new Box Top label, and eventually the program will become digital-only.

To use the new Box Tops, simply download the new Box Tops for Education app and scan your receipt. That's it! Box Tops are still worth 10 cents for our school, and any participating products found on your receipt will automatically be credited to the Green Trails earnings.

For years, Green Trails Elementary has earned money through the Box Tops for Education program. It's simple! Our school receives 10 cents for every Box Top submitted, and each one of those Box Tops adds up. We have used those funds to purchase new books, new playground equipment, provide teacher support, and even purchase new technology and programs for our students.

BONUS: It's very likely that during this transition period you can "double" the value of your Box Tops by clipping the paper tops AND scanning the receipt (within 14 days of purchase). One GT parent tried this approach and it worked--automatically adding funds to the GT Box Tops account!

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